Motorcyclists Feel Targeted By Brown County Noise Ordinance


Radio: A Nashville noise ordinance is creating tension with the motorcycle community. An article from claims that Nashville police are specifically targeting motorcyclists and ticketing them.

The ordinance has been in place since the 1970s and was -updated last year to better define noise.

Brown County Vistor’s Bureau Director  says she doesn’t expect a loss of motorcyclists over the ordinance.

NWA:_0875______________TRT:_8.125______________ _______SOT:_still feel welcome___________

“This isn’t really an issue about the news ordinance it’s about the complaints coming in from the motorcyclists and how do we make sure that they still feel welcome. “

She says since the ordinance update,  15 people  received noise complaints,  half issued for motorcycle noise.

Pit Bull Leather owner Gloria Dobbs says the ordinance  is fair.

NWA:0876_________________TRT:_6.509_____________ __________SOT:_of each other _

“It’s all about consideration some people are considerate and some aren’t, everybody should be considerate of each other.”

For WFIU News, I’m Lauren Clark.

Reason: This is another one of my favorites pieces. I got to go to Nashville to interview people and all of my interviews were very strong. This piece was a package so it went on radio, web, and tv and there was a lot of good SOT clips that went with it.


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