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Indiana Exporting More Goods Than Any Other Midwest State


Radio: In a new study the Indiana Business Research Center identifies several trade target countries that rival the BRICS in export growth potential. BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – five countries that are noted for their rapidly emerging economies. WFIU’s Lauren Clark reports

NWA:0762                                                         TRT: 1:23.147                                         OUT:  SOC

The report says importing differs dramatically throughout the BRICS countries.  China for example,  imported 1.3 billion dollars worth of goods from Indiana last year, Russia meanwhile, only imported 100 million dollars worth of goods from the Hoosier state.

Tim Slaper is one of the co-authors of the new study.  He says their research shows the need to include more countries in BRICS that have  emerging export markets.

NWA: 0760 __________________TRT:  26.777______________________Out: decent size  population

“So we looked at countries that were either growing very very quickly had a certain threshold of per capita  gross domestic product which would say that the it was relatively  wealthy visa vie say  other emerging  countries and if it had a decent size  population”

The countries Slaper says are included in what the report calls BRICS plus, include Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Thailand. The plus countries all imported more Indiana goods than Russia in 2012. The top export goods include Industrial machinery, industrial equipment, and pharmaceutical and life science products.

NWA: 0761_________________TRT:6.786 ___________________________Out: for the state   

“More exporting means more jobs more income growth more economic growth for the state.”

Indiana is exporting more goods to BRICS countries than any other state in the Midwest. For WFIU News, I’m Lauren Clark.

Reason: This is the first piece I got to do my own voicing for which I really enjoyed doing. I wasn;t really sure what I was writing on in the beginning but after talking to the specialists and doing research I finally understood it. I am proud of this piece because I think I made sense of something that was difficult to understand.


Motorcyclists Feel Targeted By Brown County Noise Ordinance


Radio: A Nashville noise ordinance is creating tension with the motorcycle community. An article from claims that Nashville police are specifically targeting motorcyclists and ticketing them.

The ordinance has been in place since the 1970s and was -updated last year to better define noise.

Brown County Vistor’s Bureau Director  says she doesn’t expect a loss of motorcyclists over the ordinance.

NWA:_0875______________TRT:_8.125______________ _______SOT:_still feel welcome___________

“This isn’t really an issue about the news ordinance it’s about the complaints coming in from the motorcyclists and how do we make sure that they still feel welcome. “

She says since the ordinance update,  15 people  received noise complaints,  half issued for motorcycle noise.

Pit Bull Leather owner Gloria Dobbs says the ordinance  is fair.

NWA:0876_________________TRT:_6.509_____________ __________SOT:_of each other _

“It’s all about consideration some people are considerate and some aren’t, everybody should be considerate of each other.”

For WFIU News, I’m Lauren Clark.

Reason: This is another one of my favorites pieces. I got to go to Nashville to interview people and all of my interviews were very strong. This piece was a package so it went on radio, web, and tv and there was a lot of good SOT clips that went with it.

Ellettsville Town Seal Under Scrutiny For Cross Symbol


Radio Script: The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants the town of Ellettsville to remove a cross from its official seal.
The seal was created in 1985 to represent unity, knowledge, industry and religion and appears on city letterheads, fire and street department trucks as well any official documents.
FFRF Attorney Patrick Elliott says his group requested the town council of Ellettsville to change their seal after several residents asked the foundation to take action.
NWA: 0582 TRT: 0.14 OUT: of rights issue
“There are a number of people who may not agree with the Christian symbol on the seal and so even if there is a vocal majority of people who may want it to remain that’s really not appropriate in the context of a bill of rights issue”
But other many residents want to keep the seal. Ellettsville Town Council Clerk Sandra Hash says it’s become established symbol in the town.
NWA: 0583 TRT: 0.15 OUT: seal was unconstitutional
“We have seven churches in Elettsville and we’re a small community and a religious community. I just feel the seal represents all factions of the town and I would hate to see it go.”
Town council officials say they do not plan to take any action unless a lawsuit is filed.

Reason: This is one of the first stories I wrote in my internship. With this news story I pitched the idea and got to go to Ellettsville, IN to interview and film for a TV package. I think this is a very interesting story because so many citizens did not what was unconstitutional about the seal.

Bloomington Parking Meter App To Come Online In Mid-November


Radio: The City of Bloomington is poised to implement a new parking app which will allow drivers to find and pay for metered parking through their smart phones.

Parkmobile, the planned apps is already active in dozens of US cities, and is scheduled to be active in mid- November. The app allows smart phone users to pay for their metered parking and find open parking spots. The download is free but there is a small free for each transaction. Deputy Director, Andrea Roberts seemed optimistic sighting the versatile of the app

NWA:0140 _____________________TRT:_9.01________________________SOC:_a preferred member

“There’s a lot of options with it you can simply use it as a onetime use or you can sign up as a preferred member.”

Bloomington has used metered parking since August of this year.

Reason: I choose this piece because its a short update piece on something that is very controversial in Bloomington. A lot of people disagree with the new down town parking and because of this the parking app is a big deal.

Indiana State Parks Close For Deer Hunting


Radio: 21 Indiana state parks are temporarily closing for deer hunting. November 18th and 19th and December 2nd and 3rd the parks will only be open to licensed hunters.

Deer biologist Chad Stewart says the hunts help control the population. “Without hunting the deer herd would grow rapidly, it is effective to keep deer herd in check and to slow their growth. “

Since deer hunting began in 1933 parks have closed for the hunts. Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Phil Bloom says the hunts are an effective way to protect trees and other plants in state parks.

“pretty successful for its intended purpose which is to provide ecological balance in the parks.”

In 2012 1,292 deer were killed in 14 state parks.

Reason: This piece is one of the enviromental pieces I have done. I think the quotes I got from sources were really good and helped with just a simple story on deer hunting.

Griify Lake Project coming to an end


Radio: Griffy Lake in Bloomington will soon be filled with water as the project to restore it comes to an end.

The sediment has been completely been removed from the lake and the dam is expected to be finished by Monday. The only reaming updates are the installation of a new security fence and a new spillway floor.

City of Bloomington spokesperson Jon Callahan says the amount of time the lake was dry was necessary for its preservation.

NWA: _0542______________________TRT:_13.477________________________OUT: will address that                 

“The objective of the project was to improve the overall safety and life expectancy of the Griffy Lake dam and we feel that the work we have done will address that.”

The lake will be naturally refilled with rainfall and water from its natural springs and once the lake reaches four to five feet the Department of Natural Resources will restock it with fish.

Reason: This is another enviroment piece I have done in my internship. It is just a basic update piece on the lake in Bloomington that will soon be filled. I liked this piece because all of my sources were helpful and the quotes to describe it were good.

Defense Presents Case In Sarnecki Murder Trial


Reason: I choose this piece because it was my first court room case. I thought it was very interesting going into the court house and reporting on what the lawyers said in trial. While it was not the full verdict it was still interesting to see what both sides had to say and write about it in an unbaised manor.