Ellettsville Town Seal Under Scrutiny For Cross Symbol

Web: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/ellettsville-town-seal-scrutiny-56343/

Radio Script: The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants the town of Ellettsville to remove a cross from its official seal.
The seal was created in 1985 to represent unity, knowledge, industry and religion and appears on city letterheads, fire and street department trucks as well any official documents.
FFRF Attorney Patrick Elliott says his group requested the town council of Ellettsville to change their seal after several residents asked the foundation to take action.
NWA: 0582 TRT: 0.14 OUT: of rights issue
“There are a number of people who may not agree with the Christian symbol on the seal and so even if there is a vocal majority of people who may want it to remain that’s really not appropriate in the context of a bill of rights issue”
But other many residents want to keep the seal. Ellettsville Town Council Clerk Sandra Hash says it’s become established symbol in the town.
NWA: 0583 TRT: 0.15 OUT: seal was unconstitutional
“We have seven churches in Elettsville and we’re a small community and a religious community. I just feel the seal represents all factions of the town and I would hate to see it go.”
Town council officials say they do not plan to take any action unless a lawsuit is filed.

Reason: This is one of the first stories I wrote in my internship. With this news story I pitched the idea and got to go to Ellettsville, IN to interview and film for a TV package. I think this is a very interesting story because so many citizens did not what was unconstitutional about the seal.


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