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Rehabilitating Wildlife in Our Own Community


Host TRX: What would you do if you found an injured raccoon on the side of the road? Most people would just leave it there but WildCare Incof wants you to take the animal to their rehabilitation center in our very own Bloomington. Here is Reporter Lauren Clark with the story.


TRX: I’m here with volunteer Jacque Nikitaras who spends most of her free time working at WildCare Inc.

ACT Jacque: “WildCare works to rehabilitate wild animals and release them back into the wild and uses animal ambassadors to teach people about these animals and educate.”

TRX: Jacque works with the shelter weekly and her duties are to help the animals.

ACT: “I take care of the animals, I clean their cages, prepare their food, make sure that everything is running smoothly, administer medicines.”

TRX: WildCare receives injured, sick or orphaned animals into their center.

ACT: “Lots of birds, different types of songbirds and raptors, and then we have turtles, raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels.”

TRX: All of the animals brought in come from people or the department of natural wildlife brings them in.

ACT: “Usually people find them injured on the side of the road.”

TRX: The animals are then taken care of until they are seen as fit to go back into their natural habitat.

ACT: “Once we rehabilitate them we release them back into the wild.”

TRX: WildCare however is a nonprofit organization and relies on donations and community support to fund their facility.  They hold several events each year to raise money and do school field trips to educate kids. Jacque success story is

ACT: “Just seeing the animals, I haven’t seen any personally released, but knowing they were there and now their back into the wild they were recovered.”

TRX: For J200 this is Lauren Clark.

Reason: This is my favorite piece I wrote in J200 this year. We were supposed to write a broadcast script on what our final piece would lead into. I think the piece runs very smoothly and transitions nicely between my source and I.


GlobeMed Raises Money For Medical Supply Truck

“Some of my favorite IU local bands were playing the night we held our little 5 concert,” explained Andy Vander Wyden 2012 president and current director of community building. “We had a really good line-up and turn out for the event. Overall we raised over $1,000 dollars for the truck fund.”

On November 1st GlobeMed will hold its second concert fundraising event to raise money for its village in Ecuador. The concert will be held at Max’s place a local restaurant in downtown Bloomington. GlobeMed hopes to raise at least another $1,000 dollars to go to the fund so they can afford to buy a new truck for their partner in Ecuador. With the new truck they will be able to deliver medical supplies, food, and other essentials to 21 different communities and villages near Cajabamba.

GlobeMed is a student run non-profit organization that promotes sexual health and awareness in third world countries.  Each chapter works with a community in a third world country to improve its well being and promote health. IU’s chapter works with a small village in Ecuador called Cajabamba and was founded in August of 2010. “I joined GlobeMed because it is a good way to get involved with my school and to help others,” says GlobeMed member Max Sarayev.

In Cajabamba, IU’s globe med works with an organization called CEMOPLAF, which translates into Medical Center Orientation and Family Planning. CEMOPLAF works with 21 communities in Ecuador.  The organization focuses on sexual and reproductive health issues and provides medical and health clinics and family planning programs. IU club talks to them about once every 2 weeks through skype or Facebook.

In the past GlobeMed has done a concert event, dinners, and bake sales to raise money. Cusine de Cajabamba, the annual dinner, is the most successful event each year. The Pre Lil’5 Backyard Bonanza featured Bands like Marshall Robbins and the Phunk Nasty’s, Deigo Otero, Squatch watch, Pretty Boy Freud, And Fizzbang. All the money raised in past events went towards the truck fund.

This year the concert will be held from 10 pm to 1 am at Max’s place and will feature local bands. Tickets are 3 each and cover entrance for the bands. Andy Vander Wyden says “Most of out advertising is done through Facebook it’s the easiest way to reach the most amount of people and invite them to our event.” The club also plans to pass out flyers to let students know.

If GlobeMed reaches its goal they will be able to afford a truck, which will be able to deliver medical supplies to Cajabamba. Zach Rokop, Director of finances explained that they have already meet $11,000 dollars of the truck money and only need about $7,000 more. “The truck will be great for Cajabamba, a lot of people will be able to benefit from one.” The truck benefits include back and forth delivery of medical and food supplies and will be able to stock the medical clinic more frequently. With the truck the village will be able to deliver medical supplies back and forth to its communities. This will allow its medical clinics to be more prepared and help the people of Cajamba. CEMOPLAF itself will buy the truck, but GlobeMed is funding the money for it.

If GlobeMed raises the money they will be closer to reaching their goal of $18,000 
dollars to buy their partner organization a truck. This truck will give CEMOPLAF the means to deliver medical supplies back and forth within its community and help the people of Cajabamba.

Reason: This is the second piece we were assigned in J200. I had a lot of fun reporting with this piece and fidning quotes to use. A lot went into this assignement and I feel like it was very informative.