Rehabilitating Wildlife in Our Own Community


Host TRX: What would you do if you found an injured raccoon on the side of the road? Most people would just leave it there but WildCare Incof wants you to take the animal to their rehabilitation center in our very own Bloomington. Here is Reporter Lauren Clark with the story.


TRX: I’m here with volunteer Jacque Nikitaras who spends most of her free time working at WildCare Inc.

ACT Jacque: “WildCare works to rehabilitate wild animals and release them back into the wild and uses animal ambassadors to teach people about these animals and educate.”

TRX: Jacque works with the shelter weekly and her duties are to help the animals.

ACT: “I take care of the animals, I clean their cages, prepare their food, make sure that everything is running smoothly, administer medicines.”

TRX: WildCare receives injured, sick or orphaned animals into their center.

ACT: “Lots of birds, different types of songbirds and raptors, and then we have turtles, raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels.”

TRX: All of the animals brought in come from people or the department of natural wildlife brings them in.

ACT: “Usually people find them injured on the side of the road.”

TRX: The animals are then taken care of until they are seen as fit to go back into their natural habitat.

ACT: “Once we rehabilitate them we release them back into the wild.”

TRX: WildCare however is a nonprofit organization and relies on donations and community support to fund their facility.  They hold several events each year to raise money and do school field trips to educate kids. Jacque success story is

ACT: “Just seeing the animals, I haven’t seen any personally released, but knowing they were there and now their back into the wild they were recovered.”

TRX: For J200 this is Lauren Clark.

Reason: This is my favorite piece I wrote in J200 this year. We were supposed to write a broadcast script on what our final piece would lead into. I think the piece runs very smoothly and transitions nicely between my source and I.


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