Bloomington Parking Meter App To Come Online In Mid-November


Radio: The City of Bloomington is poised to implement a new parking app which will allow drivers to find and pay for metered parking through their smart phones.

Parkmobile, the planned apps is already active in dozens of US cities, and is scheduled to be active in mid- November. The app allows smart phone users to pay for their metered parking and find open parking spots. The download is free but there is a small free for each transaction. Deputy Director, Andrea Roberts seemed optimistic sighting the versatile of the app

NWA:0140 _____________________TRT:_9.01________________________SOC:_a preferred member

“There’s a lot of options with it you can simply use it as a onetime use or you can sign up as a preferred member.”

Bloomington has used metered parking since August of this year.

Reason: I choose this piece because its a short update piece on something that is very controversial in Bloomington. A lot of people disagree with the new down town parking and because of this the parking app is a big deal.


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