Indiana State Parks Close For Deer Hunting


Radio: 21 Indiana state parks are temporarily closing for deer hunting. November 18th and 19th and December 2nd and 3rd the parks will only be open to licensed hunters.

Deer biologist Chad Stewart says the hunts help control the population. “Without hunting the deer herd would grow rapidly, it is effective to keep deer herd in check and to slow their growth. “

Since deer hunting began in 1933 parks have closed for the hunts. Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Phil Bloom says the hunts are an effective way to protect trees and other plants in state parks.

“pretty successful for its intended purpose which is to provide ecological balance in the parks.”

In 2012 1,292 deer were killed in 14 state parks.

Reason: This piece is one of the enviromental pieces I have done. I think the quotes I got from sources were really good and helped with just a simple story on deer hunting.


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