Griify Lake Project coming to an end


Radio: Griffy Lake in Bloomington will soon be filled with water as the project to restore it comes to an end.

The sediment has been completely been removed from the lake and the dam is expected to be finished by Monday. The only reaming updates are the installation of a new security fence and a new spillway floor.

City of Bloomington spokesperson Jon Callahan says the amount of time the lake was dry was necessary for its preservation.

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“The objective of the project was to improve the overall safety and life expectancy of the Griffy Lake dam and we feel that the work we have done will address that.”

The lake will be naturally refilled with rainfall and water from its natural springs and once the lake reaches four to five feet the Department of Natural Resources will restock it with fish.

Reason: This is another enviroment piece I have done in my internship. It is just a basic update piece on the lake in Bloomington that will soon be filled. I liked this piece because all of my sources were helpful and the quotes to describe it were good.


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